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So, you want a meaningful relationship?


So, you want a meaningful relationship built on the trust and intimacy of compassionate love? Well, me too.

I started the Profound Partnerships course with my partner of three and a half years. We were still in school, but the subject of marriage had come up more than a few times. I was hesitant; we were young, barely of legal drinking age. How could we know about the rest of our lives yet? But then I heard about Profound Partnerships and it sounded like the answer.

I began this course just hoping to gain some clarity, to gauge if my partner and I were ready to get engaged. What I got was so much more.

We expected to improve communication. We talked a lot, about anything and everything, but there were a few sore subjects we couldn’t seem to speak productively about. Those conversations always seemed to devolve into defensiveness and an awkward silence cut short by an awkward goodnight. I thought this was because we were being too honest with each other. I thought that too much honesty meant emotionally charged conversations and fights that drove a temporary wedge between my partner and I, something we’d then apologize about and ignore until it came up again.

I was wrong, but we’ll come back to that.

The results of Profound Partnerships went far beyond what I envisioned. It brought a deepened compassion and intimacy I’d never realized two people could have. As we understood each other more and more, especially the mental and emotional processes behind those deep differences of opinion, I found that even if I couldn’t agree with my partner I could still respect his position because I understood it. Profound Partnerships taught me how to step beyond my own reaction to my partner’s opinions so I could appreciate how they got there. I learned to deeply listen to my partner rather than listening while preparing a response. By creating a space for my partner and I to communicate honestly without jumping to offense or defense, Profound Partnerships reminded us that we were on the same team. Rather than two people trying to work through a difference of opinion, we were a team seeking to understand where we each were coming from.

We still hit snags, but Profound Partnerships taught us how to navigate the awkwardness and to be compassionate with not just each other, but ourselves too. It taught us to listen deeply with the goal of understanding, not to listen with the intention of proving ourselves right. It was a revolutionary change in how we communicated.

I’m so looking forward to you experiencing that too.

After my experience with Profound Partnerships I do have a few things to suggest. The course is brilliant; my only mistake was not embracing it as fully as I could have.

I started this course when I was incredibly busy. My college graduation, job hunting, and the transition to grad school took most of my attention, and I let myself rush through the modules. My partner and I were both busy, so we didn’t spend as much time with the course as we could have. So, don’t be like us in that regard. That being said, it speaks volumes of this course at how drastically it improved our communication and connection even though we didn’t take our time.

As the welcome video says, take your time. Don’t rush; there’s no need. Sit with each module, ponder it, make it part of your daily thoughts. Put up sticky notes around the house or put reminders in your phone of key words for the week. And if you hit a snag in one of the modules, take your time working through it. It’s far more valuable to spend weeks getting to know yourself and your partner on that particular topic than it is to push it aside so you can finish the course quicker. There’s absolutely no rush.

Another thing I noticed is that prep work before discussions is important. The times I entered the discussion with a few bullet points or key words jotted down on a piece of paper were the most productive discussions my partner and I had. And of course, it’s best if both of you prepare. You’re a team, after all.

It’s really quite simple; when you put in effort, you’ll see the results – everything Profound Partnerships promises. I can’t wait for you to experience enhanced compassion, deep honesty, and a more intimate connection with your partner than ever before.

Visit our website to learn more and purchase.

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