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 Love Adventure Together

Keep life interesting!

When you share: 


  • Your love values 

  • Your rhythm

  • Future goals

  • Peace & Passion

  • Communication style

  • Inquisitiveness

  • Playfulness & Kindness

  • Ingenuity ... 

You arrive at a partnership journey that is worth your thoughts and efforts to keep it alive and fresh. 


Try something or go someplace new to you both.


Here is where Google Maps becomes your inspiration.

Zoom in on your area and find a place of interest that you think you'll both enjoy, a place you've never been.


You'll probably be surprised to know just how many

interesting choices surround you, and much at little or no cost.


The Benefits:

  1. New experiences refresh the brain so you feel rested.

  2. Stimulates the creative part of your brain (frontopolarcortex).

  3. Unexpected solutions 'pop-up' when you give yourself a break from the norm.

  4. You'll connect with each other spontaneously.

  5. You'll both have shared a new memory.



Find your Peaceful Place

Find your Peaceful Place

Where ever I go I meet couples stretching their arms to take a picture of themselves together.


So when I see that I go over and ask if I can help. 

I then enjoy taking several photos.

The couples below all visited this landmark of a 400 yr. (?) old Oak tree on John's Island near Folly Beach SC.

                     A place for lovers.


Carolyn Lyons Galos
Angel Oak



      The simple gesture of taking someone's picture is

      always appreciated. I love it when they share

      something with me about themselves.

      Today's theme was love, marriage, and honeymoon.

      Wed. October 18, 2017


      Please send us a photo or two of where you go

      with the one you love. 

Couple married
couple in love
a wedding
Patty & George
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