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Preparing Couples for Lasting Love 

Welcome to the First & Only 
Interactive Coaching App 
Designed for Couples to Share.

Understand each other on relevant life topics that should be discussed.

(Video Demo Below)

Exclusive web-app for couples

A Privately Shared, Interactive, Multi-topic, Web-Application

A relationship is just as much a journey of self-discovery and growth as it is of one discovered together.

Suppose you're looking for a more in-depth resource to help prepare you and your partner for living together. In that case, this interactive couples preparation web application is privately shared between two people. Learn more about it and have the most fulfilling relationship of your life.

Five things to know about this new web-application:

#1 New Technology for Couples
1 min 12 second video

The first national introduction of our private, interactive course app for couples on AMCtv's morning show, NewsWatch

#2: What couples value most about this app. 

See why couples use this private, online coaching app. Watch the short video below, it will explain the topics and value of the app. More details to follow.

#1 App for Couples

#1 App for Couples

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Explanation of Couples Coaching Course App 
1-min. 43-sec.

App Topics Include:
Communication, Expectations, Values, Career, Personal Growth, Emotional & Physical Health, Family, Finances, Sensuality, and more


Couples who leave their future to chance without first talking about life's most important topics, statistically and inevitably, run into troubles together.


You can avoid the troubles, set yourselves up for success, and know what to expect from each other, by engaging in this fun course-app that guides you into a more meaningful life of trust, compassion, and understanding.

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App Benefits:

  • Couples appreciate that the course app has a science-based foundation all throughout the app. They equally appreciate that it is private between the two of them so that they can meet in their own space and talk about topics that affect their lives individually and together. 

  • The course app is a guide for couples to share their perspective on critical life topics so they can understand what each other deeply values.

  • Couples are introduced to the strategies of brain-science that helps them reach their full potential so they can maintain mental well-being and balance together.

  • Partners will have the best, most varied, inspired and important talks of their life! 

#3: What are the contents of the app?
A Step-by-Step Coaching App for Couples

Table of Contents for Profound Partnerships App for Couples

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#4: Why couples use this private app.

Poor Communication can be improved!

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Screenshot (119).png

Couples Counseling Costs Compared

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Profound Partnerships is the most affordable and private.

The 5 Top Reasons Couples are using this private course app.
1. To communicate with more understanding, compassion, and patience.
2. Get to know each other on a deeper level from the beginning.
3. To discuss the important life topics of the app in a calm space.
4. It is required by their church to take a pre-marriage counseling course.
5. The cost is far less than going for individual counseling sessions.

#5: What are the course features & how do I purchase it? 

See how easily the app works between two people

2-min. 14-sec.

Testimonials from couples


“The conversations about validation and compassionate communication in particular were very important.


We’ll be striving to improve our verbal support of each other when we’re upset, because that’s been the root of our big conflicts.”


“I was surprised by how well we both took to the material.


For me, it was very rewarding to see how he took the initiative to try to understand where I was coming from in my communication style and what he could do to help me feel validated when upset, which was something we’d struggled with before.”


“Our discussion, particularly around the questions of God and the place of religion/spirituality in our relationship, was huge for me.


I felt like we were both much more open to the other’s perspective than we had been before, and our worldviews weren’t as different as I thought.”


“The statement, “Deep listening tells your partner that what they say and think is important” really resonated.


It motivated me to try to practice deep listening so my partner can feel accepted and important, since those are two things I highly value for myself.


We still have work to do on our communication, but I was encouraged that we discussed it calmly and respectfully.”

Screenshot (164).png
Demo shows the purchase process 
Screenshot (153).png
Demo Shows Module 4 features
Try it out up to Module #4
  • You'll both be fully understood and be able to determine how your love can be expected to succeed in the future.


  • You can even use the app up to the fourth module and still receive a refund if not completely satisfied.

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$20.00 Interactive App for two people.

FREE: $37.00 Course Summary Bonus Included with purchase 
FREE: Certificate of Completion 
FREE: Are You Compatible? Take the Compatibility Quiz
FREE: How to Regulate Your Emotions - Know the 5 Brain Waves
FREE: How Increased Gratitude Makes a Happier Brain
FREE: The Secret to How You Control the Health of Your Cells 

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee 

How our Refund Policy works:

Each Profound Partnerships course for couples comes with a 60-day refund policy. To be eligible for a refund, you may have access to the course up to Module 4 (to the end of module 3) AND must be within 60 days of purchase. After 60 days or after starting module 4, Refunds will not be possible.

Profound Partnerships has been recognized and featured as
One of the Best Coaching Resources for Couples.
Profound Partnerships exceeded the Thervo standards of excellence for consumers.

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Read our Blog for the best way to discover how a couple progresses through the app and how they triumphed through their lessons learned.
Kate is an engaging writer, entertaining, and doesn't hold back from relaying her deep insights.

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