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Preparing Couples for Lasting Love 

Welcome to the First & Only 
Interactive Coaching App 
Designed for Couples to Share.

Understand each other on relevant life topics that should be discussed.

(Video Demo Below)

Exclusive web-app for couples

A Privately Shared, Interactive, Multi-topic, Web-Application

A relationship is just as much a journey of self-discovery and growth as it is of one discovered together.

Suppose you're looking for a more in-depth resource to help prepare you and your partner for living together. In that case, this interactive couples preparation web application is privately shared between two people. Learn more about it and have the most fulfilling relationship of your life.

Five things to know about this new web-application:

#1 New Technology for Couples
1 min 12 second video

The first national introduction of our private, interactive course app for couples on AMCtv's morning show, NewsWatch

#2: What couples value most about this app. 

See why couples use this private, online coaching app. Watch the short video below, it will explain the topics and value of the app. More details to follow.