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Preparing Couples for Lasting Love 

Welcome to the First & Only 

Interactive Coaching App 

Designed for Couples to Share.

Understand each other on relevant life topics that should be discussed.

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Exclusive web-app for couples

A Privately Shared, Interactive, Multi-topic, Web-Application

I developed this interactive web-app for couples because:

A relationship is just as much a journey of self-discovery and growth as it is of one discovered together.

Six years had passed without my partner and I sharing in-depth talks that all couples should have.

We realized that parts of each other were a mystery. That started my search for a solution that could help us.

Profound Partnerships offers that solution for couples. A shared app that results in self-discovery for both of you and a much deeper love connection.

In my research, that included twenty-plus books written by expert Ph.Ds ranging in topics including neuroscience, neuropsychology, the biology of emotions, and the science behind love and relationship. I found answers to relationship questions that altered my thoughts, language, and behavior. I was changed, our relationship was changed, and so were all my relationships changed for the better.

It turns out that the course we chose to take in attempts to improve our lives became the most meaningful life adventure we experienced together.

I hope it will offer the same for you and your partner.


I wish you love,

Carolyn Lyons Galos – the founder

5 Top things to Know About Our New Web-Application 

The #1 New Technology for Couples
1 min 12 second video

The first national introduction of our private, interactive, course app for couples on AMCtv's morning show, NewsWatch

#2: What couples value most about this app. 

See why couples use this private, online coaching app. Watch the short video below, and it will explain the topics and value of the app. We'll go into more detail below.

#1 App for Couples

#1 App for Couples

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Explanation of Couples Coaching Course App 
1-min. 43-sec.

App Topics Include:

Communication, Expectations, Values, Career, Personal Growth, Emotional Health, Family, Finances, Sensuality and more


Couples who leave their future to chance without first talking about life's most important topics, statistically and inevitably, run into troubles together.


You can avoid the troubles, set yourselves up for success, and know what to expect from each other, by engaging in this fun course-app that guides you into a more meaningful life of trust, compassion, and understanding.

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App Benefits:

  • Couples appreciate that the course app has a science-based foundation all throughout the app. They equally appreciate that it is private between the two of them so that they can meet in their own space and talk about topics that affect their lives individually and together. 

  • The course app is a guide for couples to share their perspective on critical life topics so they can understand what each other deeply values.

  • Couples are introduced to the strategies of brain-science that helps them reach their full potential so they can maintain mental well-being and balance together.

  • Partners will have the best, most varied, inspired and important talks of their life! 

#3: What are the contents of the app?
Profound Partnerships is a Step-by-Step Coaching App for Couples

Table of Contents for Profound Partnerships App for Couples

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#4: Why couples use this private app.

Poor Communication can be improved!

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Couples Counseling Costs Compared

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Profound Partnerships is the most affordable and private.

The 5 Top Reasons couples are using this private course app.

1. To communicate with more understanding, compassion, and patience.

2. Get to know each other on a deeper level from the beginning.

3. To discuss the important life topics of the app in a calm space.

4. It is required by their church to take a pre-marriage counseling course.

5. The cost is far less than going for individual counseling sessions.

#5: What are the course features & how do I purchase it? 

See how easily the app works between two people<