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A Combined Summary:

Profound Partnerships' web-application for couples


Master Your Communication e-book

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The Combined Summary will include the following Topics with Exercises:

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Healthy Expectations & Unhealthy Expecta
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                1:  Communication: Positive & Negative Communication, Deep Listening


                2:  Compassion, Cooperation, and Understanding


                3:  Getting to Know Us


                4:  How well do you know yourself and your partner?


                5:  Values Compatibility


                6:  Expectations: Healthy & Unhealthy


                7:  Finances

                8:  Family


                9: Career


               10: Personal Growth


               11: Emotional Health


               12: Physical Health & Educational Pursuits

               13: Sensuality

               14: Life To-Do List: Personal & Shared Adventures 

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Starting something new together can feel intimidating at first for some couples. When new discoveries are found in each other, understanding and communication come easily, resulting in deeper love and a fresh perspective.

This is what Ben had to say about it:

    "I found it reassuring and honest that the guide recognized that couples might not agree on an important question. I know that’s something I’m a bit frightened about moving forward, but the emphasis on a new development in the relationship was an optimistic touch that worked well for us together.”  - Ben

Comm and PP.png

This Combined Summary is a fast-track overview of both products.

The summary allows you to see what areas of your relationship you'd like to discuss. It then guides you into a meaningful conversation.

This fast-track guide allows you to choose topics in any order you prefer.

Self-discovery or new discoveries in each other are a rewarding experience that can bring you closer together.

Take your time and enjoy some inspiring new talks.

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