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   Top 20 Questions Every Couple Should Talk About



  1. What single words best describe what you value most about your relationship?

  2. Do you think that we speak positively to each other? Could we improve it?

  3. How would you like to improve your communication so that you both feel understood? (Solution Below)

  4. Do you have an optimistic or pessimistic nature?

  5. What do you want and expect you and your partner’s jobs to be in the home when you live together?

  6. Define trustworthiness. How important is it to the relationship?

  7. How willing are you to sacrifice not doing or having what you want to please your partner?

  8. What do you consider to be unforgivable? Explain.

  9. Do you respect religious differences?

  10. What are your financial goals?

  11. Does your career support your financial goals?

  12. How would you be willing to budget for what you want to have and do?

  13. What criteria should be used to evaluate job decisions that uproot you both?

  14. What kind of personal growth is important to you?

  15. How can we support each other so that we can make the best food choices when we’re famished and likely to make the worst choices? 

  16. What form of exercise do you prefer doing by yourself, and what would you like to do together?

  17. Do you think sexuality or sensuality is more satisfying? Explain.

  18. What personal adventures and experiences would you like to include on your life to-do list?

  19. Do you think you should give yourself a set time to relax after work to do what you enjoy, such as music, yoga, or a walk, so you can be more relaxed together in the evening?

  20. What is the most meaningful way your partner can support you?

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Here's why a Solution was offered in Question #3

  • Poor communication has the most damaging impact on relationships and is the most common reason why couples seek therapy.

  • There is a myth that says love is enough and relationships come naturally. In truth, healthy communication is a learned skill that can be improved with practice.

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