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 Private Course App for Couples

#1 App for Couples

#1 App for Couples

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Explanation of Course App
App Demo 2-Parts: Features & Mod 2 Communication

App Demo 2-Parts: Features & Mod 2 Communication

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Demo of Course App Features & Module 2

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Course App Topics Include: Communication, Career, Expectations, Values, Personal Growth, Emotional Health, Family, Sensuality and more

Poor Communication can be improved!


Couples Counseling Costs Compared

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The 3 Top Reasons couples are using this private course app.

1. To communicate with more understanding, compassion, and patience

2. Get to know each other on a deeper level from the beginning.

3. To discuss the important life topics of the app in a calm space.

The #1 reason couples argue is due to their communication.


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Testimonials from couples


“The conversations about validation and compassionate communication in particular were very important.


We’ll be striving to improve our verbal support of each other when we’re upset, because that’s been the root of our big conflicts.”


“I was surprised by how well we both took to the material.


For me, it was very rewarding to see how he took the initiative to try to understand where I was coming from in my communication style and what he could do to help me feel validated when upset, which was something we’d struggled with before.”


“Our discussion, particularly around the questions of God and the place of religion/spirituality in our relationship, was huge for me.


I felt like we were both much more open to the other’s perspective than we had been before, and our worldviews weren’t as different as I thought.”


“The statement, “Deep listening tells your partner that what they say and think is important” really resonated.


It motivated me to try to practice deep listening so my partner can feel accepted and important, since those are two things I highly value for myself.


We still have work to do on our communication, but I was encouraged that we discussed it calmly and respectfully.”

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What are you willing to do for lasting love?


Sit down and really examine your love life. Are you where you want to be with your partner?


Your love relationship is the MOST significant relationship you will have in your lifetime—it can make or break your success, health, and happiness down the road. That’s why we’ve dedicated our lives to making your love both fulfilling and amazing in all the ways you both need.


How do we do it? With brain-science!






We’ve studied hundreds of the latest research studies and breakthroughs in neuroscience and neuropsychology, so we know that the strategies we share are backed with evidence-based science.


Profound Partnerships goal is to change the lives of couples globally—because love has no borders.

Do you want a more fulfilled life?


Let Profound Partnerships course app be your guide to having the best relationship possible with this17-module private, interactive course app that allows two people to explore many important life topics, as mentioned in the above video, to help plan their life together.

Our Purpose:
The purpose of "Profound Partnerships Course App for Couples" is to help couples strengthen their relationships, be un