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Preparing Christian Couples for Lasting Love 

Welcome to the First & Only App 

Designed for Couples to Share.

A Pre-marriage Life-preparing app

that offers critical life topics that

should to be discussed.

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Exclusive web-app for couples

A Privately Shared, Interactive, Online Course App

 For Couples Who Want a Rewarding Life

A course app that keeps you close

A Note from the founder of Profound Partnerships: Carolyn 


I'm so glad that you have arrived here in search of the best pre-marriage preparation course for you and your love-partner to share together.


Love is not intuitive, nor does it provide the answers to life's difficult times.


At some point we all need guidance. Starting life together is exciting and can be challenging!  Profound Partnerships Course App for Couples intends to bridge your today to your future life imagined.

I devoted six years of preparation to be able to provide this private app resource to you as a couple and I pray it blesses your life together in ways you could not have imagined.


I send you my love,

Carolyn Lyons Galos - The Founder

The #1 Best Course for Two People to share together.

#1 App for Couples

#1 App for Couples

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Watch this video to discover the value of this life-enhancing course app 


Couples who leave their future to chance without first talking about life's most important topics, statistically and inevitably, run into troubles together.


You can avoid the troubles, set yourselves up for success, and know what to expect from each other, by engaging in this fun course-app that guides you into a more meaningful life of trust, compassion, and understanding.

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Why we took a pre-marriage life-preparation course:


My boyfriend and I had been dating for six years when I realized that parts of him were still a mystery to me. We spent so much time having fun and going on adventures that six years had flown by without some of the deep, intimate talks that all couples should have.


One day, I said to him, “We have been having so much fun together over the years, but when it comes right down to it, I really don’t know very much about you.” He replied, “What are you going to do about it?” I said, “I’m not sure right now but I’m going to find an answer.” ...



#2: What are the contents of the app?

Profound Partnerships is the First and Only private and interactive preparation course app for pre-engaged or engaged couples to get to know each other and plan a life together.


This preparation course is an advanced and comprehensive version of the previous pre-marriage preparation or pre-Cana courses. Included is a twelve-step program to develop a new values-based Communication. 


Science is finally catching up with ancient biblical teachings. The practical applications of current brain science have been incorporated into the course because couples affect each other’s brain, emotions, and biology. With the use of fMRI imaging, the brain shows how positive thinking redirects blood-flow away from worry centers. 


In Romans Chapter 12, we are instructed to transform ourselves by renewing our mind. Did you know fMRI brain imaging demonstrates how prayer, meditation, creativity, hopefulness, kindness, forgiveness, encouragement, and love, all promote a healthier brain structure? When practiced together as a couple, a positive frame of mind will have a positive impact on your entire family.


Philippians Chapter 4 instructs us what to think about. Think of what is good, right, worthy of praise, excellent, lovely, and of good reputation. It also instructs us not to worry or be anxious for any reason. Science demonstrates the toxic effect of worry by showing how stress hormones degrade cell structure. The brain is not equipped to sustain long-term stress or it starts to affect the organs or systems of our body.


You will find many exercises throughout the course that help you both develop a healthy mindset. 

#3: What are the course features & how do I purchase? 

Watch the video to see how the app works and the purchase process.

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Demo shows the purchase process 
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Demo Shows Module 4 features

The Only Interactive App for Couples to Prepare Life Together.

FREE: $97 Course Summary Bonus with purchase.



“The conversations about validation and compassionate communication in particular were very important.


We’ll be striving to improve our verbal support of each other when we’re upset, because that’s been the root of our big conflicts.”


“I was surprised by how well we both took to the material.


For me, it was very rewarding to see how he took the initiative to try to understand where I was coming from in my communication style and what he could do to help me feel validated when upset, which was something we’d struggled with before.”


“Our discussion, particularly around the questions of God and the place of religion/spirituality in our relationship, was huge for me.


I felt like we were both much more open to the other’s perspective than we had been before, and our worldviews weren’t as different as I thought.”


“The statement, “Deep listening tells your partner that what they say and think is important” really resonated.


It motivated me to try to practice deep listening so my partner can feel accepted and important, since those are two things I highly value for myself.


We still have work to do on our communication, but I was encouraged that we discussed it calmly and respectfully.”

#4: Why do couples use this private app?

The 5 Top Reasons couples are using this private course app.

1. To communicate with more understanding, compassion, and patience.

2. Get to know each other on a deeper level from the beginning.

3. To discuss the important life topics of the app in a calm space.

4. It is required by their church to take a pre-cana or pre-marriage counseling course.

5. The cost is far less than going for marriage counseling.

Poor Communication can be improved!

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Couples Counseling Costs Compared

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Profound Partnerships is the most affordable and private.

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Course App - private & interactive between two people. $195
FREE: $97.00 Course Summary Bonus Included with purchase 
FREE: Certificate of Completion 
FREE: Personality Compatibility Survey Assessment
FREE: Your 5 Brain Waves & How to Ride Your Waves Together
FREE: Stressless Living - Full Body Audio Meditation

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100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee 

How Refund Policy works:

Each Profound Partnerships course for couples comes with a 60-day refund policy. To be eligible for a refund, you may have access to the course up to Module 4 (to the end of module 3) AND must be within 60 days of purchase. After 60 days or after starting module 4, No Refunds can be granted.

4-26-2019 We have been hand-selected, reviewed, and featured as one of the Best Pros in our area because Profound Partnerships exceeded the Thervo standards of excellence for consumers as a coaching resource for couples.

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