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The Best App

to Foster Communication

Between Couples.

Thank you for joining us as we extend our first 50% Celebration Discount in response to the NewsWatch national TV introduction of our Profound Partnerships Couples App!

If you missed it on tv you can see it here

You and your partner will get full access to use 

Profound Partnerships App for Couples at a 50% limited-time celebration discount

when you follow these instructions.

TV Special Discount.png

Follow these 4 Steps:


Watch the Demo for How To Register for the Couples App


The 50% button will take you to a

Register page


Fill Out Register page

and where it says

Coupon Code  add code #



Click 50% button to Purchase App 

The 5 Top Reasons couples are using this private course app.

1. To communicate with more understanding, compassion, and patience.

2. Get to know each other on a deeper level from the beginning.

3. To discuss the important life topics of the app in a calm space.

4. It is required by their church to take a pre-marriage counseling course.

5. The cost is far less than going for marriage counseling.

 Thank you for your commitment to each other. 

I wish you both the best love relationship!

I'll meet you in your email!


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